Lovely if a little overcast.  This blog thing is really new to me. Any ideas on what I can really do with this? Polite ofcourse!

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Well well, 54, happily single, barely mastered a laptop and now I have my own blog! Not much happens to me and then it all comes at once!

Hobbies? Cross stitch, knitting, archaeology, writing my viking novel, attending Viking Fest in York (Jorvik) in full dress outfit. Oh and Terry Pratchett – love his books (I have a thing about Vimes and Lord Vetinari – sigh). I am attending the Rotterdam Cabbage fest in May. I’m going as Nanny Ogg (witch)!

I’m mad on Vikings, (hope to time travel one day back to Viknig York) love them in fact. Not all are raiding murderous b’s. Ok, some were, but most just wanted to settle and have a decent life. I write up the Viking info thread on DreamWorlds. Why not pop over and have a look?

 Me, wet and cold at the Kings Manor. York

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